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Re: summary of ALSA status on PPC as of kernel 2.6.13 (ALSA 1.0.9)

su, 2005-09-18 kello 09:08 +1000, Dean Hamstead kirjoitti:
> hi martin,
> i couldnt be bothered to make an account to 

Thanks for your report!

> heres details of my ibook g3 
> 500 (dual usb)
> chipset: tumbler
> platform: g3 ibook (dual usb)
> master volume: yes
> speakers: yes
> headphones: yes
> cd: yes (digital only, no analog as per all macs)
> line input: n/a (none to be supported)
> mic: n/a
> beep: yes

For completion, could you report the machine type found by
"cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep machine" for your PowerMac hardware?

> this is the best audio experience ive had on a mac thus far.
> headphone detection works perfectly. pcm and master sound levels
> bass and treble also. i can mute the beep independantly also

Great to hear!

> on my old ibook clamshell, i found that headphone autodetection
> didnt work (you could trigger it manually... not a huge drama
> considering the internal speaker is appauling so i used headphones
> 99% of the time).

If you still use Debian on it, the data you find using a kernel 2.6.13
would be useful for this table as well.

>  my imac dv (g4 450) also has appauling sound, in
> that it works but the automute stuff doesnt work at all, so plugging
> in headphones does nothing. i have submitted alsa bugs for it but
> nothing.

I'd like pointers to the ALSA BTS for these bugs, so that I could point
to them in the table, in addition to the existing bug #306.

Martin-Éric Racine

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