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Re: summary of ALSA status on PPC as of kernel 2.6.13 (ALSA 1.0.9)

hi martin,
i couldnt be bothered to make an account to heres details of my ibook g3 500 (dual usb)

chipset: tumbler
platform: g3 ibook (dual usb)
master volume: yes
speakers: yes
headphones: yes
cd: yes (digital only, no analog as per all macs)
line input: n/a (none to be supported)
mic: n/a
beep: yes

this is the best audio experience ive had on a mac thus far.
headphone detection works perfectly. pcm and master sound levels
bass and treble also. i can mute the beep independantly also

on my old ibook clamshell, i found that headphone autodetection
didnt work (you could trigger it manually... not a huge drama
considering the internal speaker is appauling so i used headphones
99% of the time). my imac dv (g4 450) also has appauling sound, in
that it works but the automute stuff doesnt work at all, so plugging
in headphones does nothing. i have submitted alsa bugs for it but
nothing. similar to what is described on the wiki page. however
ive since wiped it and put osx on (for dvd support) so im not
longer in a position to fiddle. i used both alsa and oss drivers
with my old ibook clamshell and imac dv. ive only used alsa with
my current ibook dual usb.



Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
The long promised table of ALSA PowerMac support is finally available.
The list is in chronological order and it cross-references Apple models
with audio chipsets. A lot of data is still missing.

Point your browsers to http://wiki.debian.net/?PowerpcSoundcards and
feel free to contribute additional data.

If anyone wants to discuss and compare their findings before committing
changes to the document, please drop by #DebianPPC on Freenode.

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