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Re: I need some advice with my ppc64


I had tons of trouble getting debian installed on my G5, but I
eventually got there and it works great.  I made a webpage documenting
what I had to do.  If you're having trouble getting the thing to boot,
maybe this will help:



On 8/12/05, Maximilian Gerlach <m@px0.de> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I quickly searched the forums and found that there are quite some people
> happily running Ubuntu on their G5s. And plenty of others which have
> problems with it. That seems to be related to a Debian/Ubuntu error in
> yaboot. Maybe it is fixed now - you can find todays live CDs here:
> http://cdimage.ubuntulinux.org/daily-live/20050812/
> If they work you might consider giving a Breezy install a try..
> > > With the 'power4' kernel option (or so - should be shown when you're
> > > booting the system) you *should* be able to boot it. Why don't you grab
> > > a live cd and just try it?
> The correct syntax that made some peoples G5s boot is:
> install video=ofonly -power4
> at the installer prompt
> > i will take a photo of the screen next time i boot one of them.
> I'm not sure if I'm the right person for that ;)
> How about sending it to the Debian/Ubuntu PPC people in case it still
> doesn't work? Unfortunately I don't own one of those gorgeous beasts ;)
> Ciao,
> Maxi
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