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Re: I need some advice with my ppc64

Hi Martin,
I quickly searched the forums and found that there are quite some people
happily running Ubuntu on their G5s. And plenty of others which have
problems with it. That seems to be related to a Debian/Ubuntu error in
yaboot. Maybe it is fixed now - you can find todays live CDs here:
If they work you might consider giving a Breezy install a try..
> > With the 'power4' kernel option (or so - should be shown when you're
> > booting the system) you *should* be able to boot it. Why don't you grab
> > a live cd and just try it?
The correct syntax that made some peoples G5s boot is:
install video=ofonly -power4
at the installer prompt

> i will take a photo of the screen next time i boot one of them.
I'm not sure if I'm the right person for that ;)
How about sending it to the Debian/Ubuntu PPC people in case it still
doesn't work? Unfortunately I don't own one of those gorgeous beasts ;) 


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