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Re: Assign Apple Keys = CTRL

Hi Brian

On 8/12/05, Brian C <brianwc@berkeley.edu> wrote:

> I want the two "Apple" keys on my powerbook to simply be extra CTRL
> keys. I've tried to do this a couple different ways, but it's never
> worked. Anyone know how to do this? (Explain step-by-step!) Thanks.

1. $ xev
 1.1. move mouse pointer into xev window
 1.2. press the left 'ctrl' key
 1.3. note the key_sym_ (the name, not its hexadecimal representation)
of the last event in the console output (KEYSYM_CTRLL)
 1.4. press the right 'ctrl' key
 1.5. see step 1.3 (KEYSYM_CTRLR)
 1.6. press the left 'apple' key
 1.7. note the key_code_ (the decimal value, not its string
representation) of the last event in the console output
 1.8. press the right 'apple' key
 1.9. see step 1.7 (KEYCODE_APPLER)

2.  $ man xmodmap
 2.1. read it
 2.2. create a file ".Xmodmap" with the two entries
   substituting the names in CAPITAL by the values noted during step 1.

3. read http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2003/08/msg00195.html
starting from the line "Ok, just for the records.. The debian way(tm)
to invoke xmodmap:".

Kind regards,

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