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Re: I need some advice with my ppc64

Hi Jose,

you got further than me. I found no debian installer willing to boot
without kernel panic on my dual 2.3 ghz g5.
therefor i am stuck with ydl and gentoo at the moment.
when looking for 64bit debian packages you should have a look at
debian.gonicus.de. Originally this repository was made for ibm openpower
systems which have also built in an 64bit powerpc chip.

Kind regards,

Martin Alfke

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 11:02:15AM +0100, Mr. Nikel wrote:
> HI. I recently bought a power mac g5 and I want to make it work as fast 
> as possible in Linux, actuallly I bought it to play with a 64 bits 
> architecture.  I first installed debian kernels 2.6.11 but got problems 
> with the smp (for no reason on of the cpus stucked and the system 
> entered in an resetting state). Then I upgraded to a 2.6.12 kernel (the 
> ubuntu ppc64 one, cause the sven kernel announced on this list had no  
> thermal suport or something the fans got crazy). The point is that I 
> want to build the kernel myself as I used to do when I did not use 
> debian. So far I have not made a working kernel but thats is not either 
> the point (just a matter of try and error). What I want to know is where 
> can I get information about ppc 64 compiling. Are there ppc64 libc in 
> debian? does the debian gcc compiles ppc64 code? and even more What 
> about optimized code for my machine? I also lack a page like "Debian in 
> powerMac G5". Im willing to contribute, but I want and starting point to 
> do so.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jose Fernandez
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