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I need some advice with my ppc64

HI. I recently bought a power mac g5 and I want to make it work as fast as possible in Linux, actuallly I bought it to play with a 64 bits architecture. I first installed debian kernels 2.6.11 but got problems with the smp (for no reason on of the cpus stucked and the system entered in an resetting state). Then I upgraded to a 2.6.12 kernel (the ubuntu ppc64 one, cause the sven kernel announced on this list had no thermal suport or something the fans got crazy). The point is that I want to build the kernel myself as I used to do when I did not use debian. So far I have not made a working kernel but thats is not either the point (just a matter of try and error). What I want to know is where can I get information about ppc 64 compiling. Are there ppc64 libc in debian? does the debian gcc compiles ppc64 code? and even more What about optimized code for my machine? I also lack a page like "Debian in powerMac G5". Im willing to contribute, but I want and starting point to do so.

Thanks in advance,
Jose Fernandez

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