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Re: g4 titanium powerbook install questions

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> screen resolution: i would like to have 1280x854; i can only now choose
> between 800x600 or 648x480
if 1280x854 is not a default choice you may have to manually edit your
Xfree/Xorg config file.
Remember to update the checksum for further updates (see comments on top
of the config file)
> sound: does not work.
I installed a vanilla 3.1 and it worked (not so helpful, I know...)
BTW, I got an ibook, and I have alsa running. If you have alsa running
too, please check with `alsamixer' that the master channel is not muted
and PCM isn't too.
Moreover lsmod tells me I have snd_powermac module loaded.
> external devices: when i plug in an external hard drive it doesn't
> appear anywhere.
what kind of external devices are you plugging? (USB, firewire...)
Generally speaking, automount is not performed by default (unless you
don't use GNOME).
If you have hotplug installed (and you should), it will configure your
device (aka make it ready) when you plug it in, but you will still have
to manually mount it (I repeat: if you have GNOME or some other specific
tools installed, they may do it for you).

If you are a newbie, you may also consider reading some tutorials on the
net, they will surely point out some issues you are going to encounter
in your long debian trip!

Moreover Ubuntu may be a bit easyer (preconfigured) as a starting point.
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