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Re: [PowerBookG4][video][2.6.12-rc4]video sync problems?

On 6/16/05, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> wrote:
> > Probably on a related issue (in normal conditions), if the luminosity
> > is set to level 1 and I go down one step (to 0) the screen is lit as
> > if it ws set to 15 and slowly the image is destroied line by line, and
> > the screen fades to white in a weird way (one horizontal line at a
> > time); If I switch back to level 1, from 0, the screen is blanked, as
> > it should be for zero - one more step towards 2 sets the correct
> > iluminattion level for 2.
> >
> This is indeed a problem on some models with panel sync that was
> introduced recently while fixing other panels. I haven't yet got some
> code that works for everybody but am still working on it. When it's "out

Thanks for everything you did and will do on ppc!

> of sync", you can normally get it back by switching the panel off with
> the backlight keys and back on repeately

I never tried it, I will next time.

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