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Re: [PowerBookG4][video][2.6.12-rc4]video sync problems?

> Probably on a related issue (in normal conditions), if the luminosity
> is set to level 1 and I go down one step (to 0) the screen is lit as
> if it ws set to 15 and slowly the image is destroied line by line, and
> the screen fades to white in a weird way (one horizontal line at a
> time); If I switch back to level 1, from 0, the screen is blanked, as
> it should be for zero - one more step towards 2 sets the correct
> iluminattion level for 2.

This is indeed a problem on some models with panel sync that was
introduced recently while fixing other panels. I haven't yet got some
code that works for everybody but am still working on it. When it's "out
of sync", you can normally get it back by switching the panel off with
the backlight keys and back on repeately


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