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Re: munged yaboot.conf

Mike writes:
If there is a question as to whether the ubuntu livecd will work on the G5, being in posession of one I know that there are power3 and power4 kernels, which I think I read that the G5 uses the power4 kernel, but I am remembering something from an old post now, can't the yaboot partition be mounted and manually changed using OS X, I know this would make it unbootable, but forcefully issueing a boot argument into Open Firmware would take care of that would it not

--Mike S

For the last month or so whenever my boot partition gets "deblessed" or whatever it is that happens to it, I do the OF boot, then a "boot ultraX:n,\\yaboot" (where X is the ide that has my hard drive and n is the partition). Once into linux I can again "bless" it with ybin. People should check out the OF aliases used for their machine if you do not want to use the long ....very long.... OF device tree names. Be sure to grab Apple's documents regarding the OF, very useful.


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