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Re: ppc32: Rework power management take #3

Hi Wolfi,
I have the same Powerbook model and it's running Ubuntu "unstable";
Breezy. Suspend to disk works like a charm, even without the new patch
applied. And in X.
Maybe you could try that?! Should I send you a kernel .deb or something
like that?


> Today I applied the two mentioned patches to rc5-git6. There were quite
> a lot of offsets and one time fuzz 2 (hunk 10 in via-pm.c). But still I
> get a freeze on my PowerBook6,2 (12", 1Ghz from Dec. 2004) when I
> suspend to disk from X. If I suspend from tty1 the first time, the
> following suspends work well even from X.
> Thanks for your work,
> Wolfi

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