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Re: external monitor on 12" powerbook

"Plug in the adapter cable on boot (or when resuming from disk), no need
to have the screen connected yet. Later after you attached the external
display use:
        Option          "CrtcNumber"            "0"
        Option          "FlatPanel"             "0"
in your X configs device section. Works fine on NV17 and NV32 with X.org
6.8.0 but should also work with recent XFree86. You then have the
console's on the pbooks LCD and X on the external screen. Not perfect,

These options got my external display working. The laptop LCD is not off but it is displaying some parts of the external X display sort of all mixed up and at the wrong resolution. If this does not harm the display then I can deal with it. I think I read something about this in another thread so I'll have to do some more digging.

With these options, the internal display is stilled messed up, even when I disconnect the external display and restart X. I wonder if I can have X check for the presence of the external and use it when it is present, else, use the internal. I'll see if I can find some more info about what these options are actually doing.

thanks for your help

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