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Re: munged yaboot.conf

According to james houston, on Tue, 31 May 2005 21:00:56
-0700 (PDT), 
>I have OS X (10.4.1) and Sarge on my iBook (dual USB).
>I tried to customize my yaboot.conf file and messed up
>the syntax so now when I choose "l" in yaboot, I get
>this error:
>Config file error: newline is not allowed in quoted
>strings near line 7 in file \\yaboot.conf
>Syntax error or read error config

I, I once was confronted to this problem, solved it by
mounting the partition in osx and reporting it to the list.
I was then criticized a lot for posting this solution on the
list, this one being said to be unsafe (that is, as far as I
understood it would make my unbootable machine
more unbootable ;)

I then proposed a patch to check the yaboot.conf syntax
before installing the file. It never made its way through,
but in my setting I ALWAYS use this syntax checker in
yaboot.  More reference on


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