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Re: keyboard backlight working on PowerBook5,6?

Hi Barry,

On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 09:32:35PM -0400, Barry Hawkins wrote:
>     I was a little surprised to see that the backlight on the
>     keyboard is not working with pbbuttonsd on my 1.67GHz
>     PowerBook G4.  I had a 15" 1.25GHz PowerBook G4 working with
>     pbbuttonsd 0.5.x (iirc) that controlled the keyboard quite
>     well back around June last year.  Is it working for anyone else?  

my keyboard does automatically turn on the backlight depending on
the surrounding lights. I cannot manually control it, but also I
never tried to configure to configure this.

>     No backlight appears and powerprefs 
>     still shows those areas as greyed out.
>     I am running a kernel, with a config that matches
>     most of what others on the list had shared with me.  
>     Any input would be appreciated.  

To get backlight at all, I had to enable a few i2c options in the
kernel config, especially the keywest. I suggest to look for them,
in the end I had CONFIG_I2C_KEYWEST=y set and got a backlight
with 2.6.12-rc3 and some of Ben's patches.


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