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Re: iBook G3 owners

> The pause is expected, but shouldn't be _that_ long, it seems some
> problem is triggered by the errata workaround for those chips. If you
> edit drivers/video/radeonfb.h, and comment out that bit of code:
> 		/* we can't deal with posted writes here ... */
> 		_radeon_msleep(rinfo, 5);
> In the definition of radeon_pll_errata_after_data(), the pause will go
> away. Does it have any effect on your crashes ?

Ok. With that line commented, the pause disappears at boot time. I've tried to
start X with DRI _enabled_ and it crashes like the other times. Also, I've
tried with DRI _disabled_ and it doesn't crash. The same like the other times.
In both cases I've passed the option "radeonfb.default_dynclk=0" to the


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