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Re: iBook G3 owners

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 23:56 +0200, Esteban Martinez wrote:

> Hi Ben!
>   After downloading kernel 2.6.11 sources, patching 2.6.12-rc1, then patching
> 2.6.12-rc1-bk6 and compiling, I have done some test as you asked.
>   I've attached a log file with a little explanation. Basically, I've put
> information about "/proc/cpuinfo" and "/proc/pmu/battery_0" before and after
> to suspend to ram. I got an iBook G3/600Mhz/256MB/20GB/Ati16MB. I've "cpudyn"
> installed and for this reason the cpu frecuency is 400Mhz, because it's in
> powersave mode.
>   I don't know if I've done some wrong (I'm a new kid on the block on this
> :-)), but with the 2.6.12-rc1-bk6 kernel, just when starts the boot Debian
> Linux, the machine stay a few seconds quiet, just when the kernel is
> loaded. With my old kernel this didn't happen. Then it continues, and boot
> correctly, as always.  Also, when I close the lid for suspend to ram (without
> any usb devices plugged), it suspends correctly. The problem comes when I open
> the lid and the system tries to turn on. Just at this moment, my system crash,
> with a black lcd and no reponse through the keyboard. All the computer stops,
> the hard disk power off... I've to push the power-off button about 5 seconds
> and then I can turn on the computer again.

Ok, several things to test here:

 - First, did sleep/wakeup work previously ?
 - Try without every going to X (boot in console mode) and tell me if
sleep/wakeup works
 - Can you disable cpudyn and manually change the CPU speed (doing echo
"powersave" or "performance"
>/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/scaling_governor) and try sleep/wakeup in
both low and high speed and tell me if both are crashing
 - Can you disable CONFIG_CPU_FREQ and tell me if it sleep/wakeup works


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