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Re: iBook G3 owners

> Ok, before those, just download the patches again. I found and fixed a
> couple of bugs that can explain the problem.
Hi Ben! Here we go again:

I've done the same tests with your new patches and in all cases it happens the
same. Resume correctly, but hang up when wakeup. I got removed "cpudyn" and
I've changed manually the cpu frecuency through:  echo "powersave"... Until I
don't have tested with CPU_FREQ disabled in kernel.

As I said in other email, just at the beginning of start booting, when it's
loading the kernel, the computer just stop a few seconds (4 or 5) and the last
message line it shows me is:
"radeonbf: Dynamic Power Clock Management enabled"
After that, it continues booting correctly. It's weird because with my old
kernel (2.6.9) this didn't happen.

I've read in Sebastian's email he has installed "dbus". I also have it
installed. I don't know if the problem is there. I've stopped the "dbus-1"
daemon and then resume. And crash at wakep too. I attach you my config
kernel fot 2.6.12-rc1-bk6, the programs I start in "/etc/rcS.d/", the programs
I have in "/etc/init.d", and syslog from my old kernel (2.6.9) and the new
kernel (2.6.12-rc1-bk6).

Perhaps there is an option wrong or not needed in my kernel configuration.

I wait for your orders. :-)



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