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Re: iBook G3 owners

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 15:10 +0200, Esteban Martinez wrote:
> > Ok, before those, just download the patches again. I found and fixed a
> > couple of bugs that can explain the problem.
> Hi Ben! Here we go again:
> I've done the same tests with your new patches and in all cases it happens the
> same. Resume correctly, but hang up when wakeup. I got removed "cpudyn" and
> I've changed manually the cpu frecuency through:  echo "powersave"... Until I
> don't have tested with CPU_FREQ disabled in kernel.
> As I said in other email, just at the beginning of start booting, when it's
> loading the kernel, the computer just stop a few seconds (4 or 5) and the last
> message line it shows me is:
> "radeonbf: Dynamic Power Clock Management enabled"
> After that, it continues booting correctly. It's weird because with my old
> kernel (2.6.9) this didn't happen.
> I've read in Sebastian's email he has installed "dbus". I also have it
> installed. I don't know if the problem is there. I've stopped the "dbus-1"
> daemon and then resume. And crash at wakep too. I attach you my config
> kernel fot 2.6.12-rc1-bk6, the programs I start in "/etc/rcS.d/", the programs
> I have in "/etc/init.d", and syslog from my old kernel (2.6.9) and the new
> kernel (2.6.12-rc1-bk6).
> Perhaps there is an option wrong or not needed in my kernel configuration.

Ok, can you try this please: After you have applied my patches, edit the
file arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cache.S, and spot those 2 bits of code:

	/* disp-flush L1 */
	li	r4,0x4000
	mtctr	r4
	lis	r4,0xfff0
1:	lwz	r0,0(r4)
	addi	r4,r4,32
	bdnz	1b

1:	/* disp-flush L2. The interesting thing here is that the L2 can be
	 * up to 2Mb ... so using the ROM, we'll end up wrapping back to memory
	 * but that is probbaly fine. We disp-flush over 4Mb to be safe
	lis	r4,2
	mtctr	r4
	lis	r4,0xfff0
1:	lwz	r0,0(r4)
	addi	r4,r4,32
	bdnz	1b


In those bits of code, replace the statements

	lis	r4,0xfff0

	li	r4,0

(There are 3 occurences, you don't have to care about what happens after
the label flush_disable_745x).

And let me know if that helps.

Thanks !


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