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Re: iBook G3 owners

> The X problem is new ?
No. I had this problem before, with your first patch. I'm sorry if I not
mentioned it before. :-/

> Does it happen after a sleep/wake cycle or all the time ?
It happens all the time, when I just booted in console mode and I want to
start X, and also after sleep/wake cycle.

> Does it happen without CPUFREQ ?
Yes, it does. In both cases it crashes: Starting X just booted and after
sleep/wakeup cycle.

> Can you also try booting with radeonfb.default_dynclk=0 on the kernel
> command line and tell me if that makes a difference ?
Yes, I tried it and also it crashes. CPUFREQ was disabled.

I attach you a fragment from my XFree86.0.log with the 2.6.12-rc1-bk6 kernel,
just when it crashes. I hope it could be useful.


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