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Re: Problems starting X

Can't find X Server means that XWindows didn't start up probably. There's a lot of causes, wrong install, etc.... I also had problems starting X in the beginning when I installed sarge, this was on both, a G3 Powerbook Pismo and Wallstreet. The cause of the problem was that the configfile that sarge installes (/etc/X11/XF86config-4) was completley worthless. I dond't know your detailed Hardwarespecs (there's a lot of Powerbook G4's) but I'm quite positive that mine XF86Config-4 will not work, so I don't attach it. I would advise you to search on Google for Powerbook G4 XF86Config-4, because there's a lot of them around and try to get one that really fits to your Powerbook. You'll be best of searching the Google Linux page:


Hope this helps,


Am 16.03.2005 um 16:31 schrieb Charles Read:

Hey everybody!

I just installed sarge on my PowerBookG4 and I am having issues starting gdm. I am new to the specifics of the configuration of X and I don't know
where to start.

During installation the PB complained about not being able to find an X
server, but I don't know what the means.

When gdm starts it tells me there is an error and asks if I would like to
see the output, it also says 'Caught signal 11'... any help?

Thanks as always, anything is appreciated!!

Charles Read

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