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Re: Yaboot doesn't come up anymore?

El mié, 16-03-2005 a las 08:58 -0800, Paul J. Lucas escribió:
> On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Charles Read wrote:
> > I just did an update on my PowerBookG4 (through Software Update in OSX)
> > and now yaboot doesnt come up for me to choose which system to boot
> > into... what happened?
>  	It probably changed which partition to boot from back to the OS
>  	X partition.  I wonder if the Startup Disk preference would
>  	show the bootloader partition (?).  If so, change it back.
>  	If that doesn't work, boot into Open Firmware (reboot holding
>  	Command-Option-O-F), then change the boot device.
>  	Unfortunately, I can't remember how to do that.  Perhaps
>  	somebody else on the list can help.  Or try Google.

What I do in this situation is:

1) enter open firmware (reboot holding Command-Option-O-F)
2) at prompt enter: boot hd: X, yaboot
   where 'X' is your yaboot partition (in my case is '2').
3) Now yaboot must appear 'normally', I select boot linux.
4) When linux givs me the promtp I then execute: ybin -v
   this reinstalls the boot partition in OF.

I've repeated this process whenever I had to reinstall OS-X.

A. Corbi

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