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Re: Powerbook5,6 longer list of what does not work...

Antonio-M. Corbi Bellot wrote:
- Keyboard (the fn key does not work, it does not modify the keycode of any key when held down),

Uhmm, I've had no problem with 'fn' key, I know positively because I use
powerprefs via fn+function_key and it works. It also works for me in
text consoles to get the AltGR behaviour to extract '@','#' etc... in my
spanish keyboard.

Don't know if it has to do with my remapping of some keys in the
keyboard (I think _no_) mostly because I like to have a right 'Control'
and I 've remapped the 'numeric keypad enter' to the 'right Control'

I have one of these new 15" Powerbooks (UK model) and I can't get the 'fn' key to work either. And, occassionally under X I get '88' when I press the up arrow key, which might just be me! Admittedly I have tried too hard to get it to work because I figured it was a similar issue to the trackpad support.

I can agree with everything else in that orginal list except the PCMCIA as I don't have any devices to test it with.


p.s. I'm a Gentoo (2.6.10 kernel) user but it was mentioned by someone that this list was the place where this discussion was happening, so I'm really just here to keep up with the changes.

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