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Re: Powerbook5,6 longer list of what does not work...

On jue, 2005-03-10 at 02:54 +0100, Chocron J. wrote:
> Hi list !
> I read the initiated by Antonio-M Corbi Bellot, and I am afraid that the list 
> he provided is incomplete. So far, after about 3 weeks of fiddling with the 

> - Soundcard : it is recognized, but I am unable to play any sound,

That's ok with my post.

> - Trackpad (we all know that now !!),

Sure ;)

> - Keyboard (the fn key does not work, it does not modify the keycode of any 
> key when held down),

Uhmm, I've had no problem with 'fn' key, I know positively because I use
powerprefs via fn+function_key and it works. It also works for me in
text consoles to get the AltGR behaviour to extract '@','#' etc... in my
spanish keyboard.

Don't know if it has to do with my remapping of some keys in the
keyboard (I think _no_) mostly because I like to have a right 'Control'
and I 've remapped the 'numeric keypad enter' to the 'right Control'

> - PCMCIA (I am not sure about that one, but the none of my PCMCIA hardware 
> works on the cardbus slot...)

Sorry, my model is a 12", I think I said so in my first post. This model
lacks pcmcia :(

What I've (with the help and work of Ben and Colin) working now is cpu
detection (cpufreq works) and therm_adt.


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