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Re: initrd?

Mike Small wrote on 3/1/05:

>Not difficult at all, I just changed back to a standard debian kernel
>with initrd myself.  Below is my new yaboot.conf entry and the old one.
>The option is documented in the yaboot.conf man page.
>    label=Linux
>    initrd=/initrd.img
>    read-only
>    label=linux.old
>    read-only
>So you see, it's only a simple one line change.

Thanks Mike-

I had seen the following in a previous post to the powerpc list:

>>        label=Linux
>>        read-only
>>        initrd=/boot/initrd.img
>>        label=old
>>        read-only
>>        initrd=/boot/initrd.img.old

Does it matter if I don't state the absolute path: /boot/vmlinux?  Also,
I see that this version includes an initrd statement for the old image
as well.  Is this unecessary?




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