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Re: Problem installing on PowerMac 8600

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Patrick Bachmann wrote:

Don't be so sure about that. After I installed MacOS 9.1 on the box, I was able to mount those floppies and take a look at them. But when I
wanted to write to them, within MacOS I just got an error message
saying, that it won't work. Cool, eh?

If you still have MacOS on your drive you can still go the BootX way, if you want to get to some results quickly.


I think that Holger's links point at the latest floppies. But I bet, Holger can tell more about that ;->

That sucks... Maybe I'll have to invest in a floppy cleaning kit too...

I swear, I read Holger's message about 5 times last night, and thought it a redundant link against the location on the devel/debian-installer
page.  I wasn't paying attention as closely as I should have been ...
I'll grab those images sometime this weekend out of Sven's directory and
try again.

I'll be glad when we have the miBoot issues squared away, so we can have proper boot images.

Thanks again Patrick.


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