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Re: Problem installing on PowerMac 8600

On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 05:11:40PM +0100, Patrick Bachmann wrote:
> Another weird thing is, that the machine was able to boot from the MacOS-Disk. 
> What is different about the Debian Install CDs? There should be some way to 
> make them bootable on an OldWorld-Machine.

It's pretty messy to make a CD that is bootable from any Mac that is not
newworld. There have been lengthy discussions on this topic in the past,
so I won't rehash the arguments. For the short summary, we need some bits
that are currently not available as free software to allow them to boot.

Some commercial linux distribs have had bootable CDs for oldworld. If
you're feeling ambitious and have a copy of Toast, you could fiddle
around with it enough to get it to boot, but Debian wouldn't be able
to distribute such an image.

	Brad Boyer

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