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I've had progress: I can select the raid option from the use as menu in the partitioner _if_ I select the device (not free space) and select gpt. I have problems after this step: I either can't select the raid volumes if I get the devices formatted (no raid volumes found) _or_ I can't format because of failure to partition the root filesystem.

The installer seems to be a bit buggy to me...

Has anyone had any progress doing this?

On 21.2.2005, at 13:31, Arnór Kristjánsson wrote:


I'm trying to install debian (sarge) from a sid ISO I downloaded to a brand new XServe G5. The box has two identical hard disks I would like to set up as a software raid. The problem is that when selecting the raid tool it complains that there are no linux raid autodetect volumes found...and I cant select that from the Use as menu in the partitioner.

Please advise


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