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    "Arnór" == Arnór Kristjánsson <addi@bhs.is> writes:

    Arnór> On 21.2.2005, at 15:07, Shyamal Prasad wrote:

    >> It is probably possible to set up your RAID partitions manually
    >> by using the command line on the installers virtual
    >> terminal. On returning to the menu they should be found. This
    >> trick works for LVM setup (I've never tried to set up a RAID
    >> system).

    Arnór> Can you provide more info on this 'trick'?  A.

The work around for LVM is documented in the sarge install manual for
powerpc. See the note in section at 


Of course you will need to use the command line tools to set up your
raid partitions at the virtual terminal. Unfortunately I don't know
how to do this or I would attempt to write some instructions for raid


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