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Re: MSNBC_Auto_Response: Thank you for contacting TODAY with Katie Couric and Ma

thankyou for airing the segments on autism! I wrote and told you about myself and my 5 year old little boy! truly inspiring stories of all the parents with an autistic child! I hope that some day there will be a major breakthrough on autism! I am a single mother with four children with adam my 5 year old being the youngest! Adam has been in school since 3 years old and let me tell you the earlier that autism is detected in any child the better to start him in a special class for help! Adam is doing well but still not talking, still not toilet trained, but one step at a time! It,s a long road but the love you get back is the best feeling in the world! I can have a bad day, be crying, and Adam is always there to pick me up! I live my life for him! Adam is a true inspiration! I feel that Adam is a special little boy given to me from God! I wouln't  want it any other way! I am Adam's soul care taker and I struggle some days and it can be really tough, and I feel that there could be some help out there for me! I can't take Adam into a store because he gets really upset! so I do my errands when he is in school! this week is school vacation. anyway keep up the great work and I am so glad that Autism is finally talked about!!!! great program!!!
                                                                thanks so much!
                                                                Susan L Standish
                                                                Adam's mom

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