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Re: Getting rid of hotplug & Co. for 2.6

Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

So all I need to know: Can I run a 2.6 kernel without hal, udev and
hotpt lug being installed, or with these packages being disabled at boot
time at least?

Please tell me it will work ... :)
I'm not a debian user so i'll talk in general.
hal,udev and hotplug are nothing necessary for your system ... surely at least on of them is really usefull :)

HAL: i-ve not understood fully yet what it serves, but AFAIK is something usefull in combination with dbus and gnome-vfs-manager to have a more "user friendly' device management, as automounting , autorun and stuffs like these.

HOTPLUG: in combination with coldplug is used to identify hardware as soon as it is attached and do "thing" about it, as MODPROBING modules,run scripts and so on .

UDEV: i don't i could live without it :) is a replacement for udevfs and has the scope of creating in a dynamic way Device Nodes for your hardware and much more as , for example, map your hardware to other string like "/dev/usb-hd" your external usb disk.


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