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Re: Weired routing error

Can you post the routing table output with regard to the two instances, ie
the output of "route -n"


> Hi!
> I have a weired network problem. I have an ISDN router on
> and a DSL router on Both work nicely from other OS. Now I
> set up the default route to point to teh ISDN router with "route add
> default gw" and everything is up and running over ISDN.
> Traceroute to some host shows the first hop to go to and
> then over a few more steps to the target. ftp,lynx, apt-get update and
> so on work fine. A traceroute to shows just that one hop
> (this is correct). So far so good, now let's try to speed things up a bit
> Now to the weired part: I Delete the default route and add it back using
> "route add default gw". Try to ping some host and it works
> nicely. Try to ping and it is OK. Try a traceroute to some
> host, this time the list *misses* the hop to and goes
> directly to the follwing hosts reaching the target eventually.
> Trying to ftp somewhere yields no connection now. Access within the
> local network is OK, but besides ping (which works when trying to access
> anything beyond the router nicely) and traceroute does not give a
> connection.
> Both routers are netgear devices and work nicely from Knoppix, Windows,
> MacOS 8 and 9 give a good connection on first attempt. Any ideas?
> Regards
> Matthias
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david howe

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