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Weired routing error


I have a weired network problem. I have an ISDN router on and a DSL router on Both work nicely from other OS. Now I set up the default route to point to teh ISDN router with "route add default gw" and everything is up and running over ISDN. Traceroute to some host shows the first hop to go to and then over a few more steps to the target. ftp,lynx, apt-get update and so on work fine. A traceroute to shows just that one hop (this is correct). So far so good, now let's try to speed things up a bit

Now to the weired part: I Delete the default route and add it back using "route add default gw". Try to ping some host and it works nicely. Try to ping and it is OK. Try a traceroute to some host, this time the list *misses* the hop to and goes directly to the follwing hosts reaching the target eventually.

Trying to ftp somewhere yields no connection now. Access within the local network is OK, but besides ping (which works when trying to access anything beyond the router nicely) and traceroute does not give a connection.

Both routers are netgear devices and work nicely from Knoppix, Windows, MacOS 8 and 9 give a good connection on first attempt. Any ideas?



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