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pb5300 partial success report

I managed to install woody on a powerbook 5300c. I used the 2.4.27 nubus kernel available off the nubus-pmac site. Basically I put the laptop in scsi disc mode, and attached it to the scsi port of a pmac 9600. Then I booted the installer from the 9600 and specified the laptop as my target drive and then installed the base system.

I booted linux with the 2.4.27 kernel on the PB5300 using the MkLinux booter. At first it came up in single user mode because the installer had used scsi device paths in /etc/fstab (it was installed using scsi disc mode, remember?) so I changed these to reflect the ata nature of the internal disk controller.

PCMCIA support is partial. I was unable to get any of my ethernet cards to transmit, allthough cardmgr recognized and configured them if they were present at boot time. Cardmgr fails to recognize them properly if they are insterted after boot. "cardctl status" just reports 5v 16bit cards. So i'm guessing trex driver support is at fault here because it also gripes about certain commands not completing and not being able to adjust IO memory ranges. Maybe i'll download the source and try futzing around a bit. I'd paste the text of the error messages, but there's currently no easy way to get any of the information off the computer without going back to scsi disk mode.

Also, 2.4.27 doesn't boot unless I specify nubus=off in the boot options. Otherwise it hangs just after printing something about adb. The sound speaker's click and then it just stops. Maybe sound support is at fault here.

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