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Re: USB wireless 802.11g dongle

Ciao Julien PERVILLE, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> too bad for them, a company that would sell a linux friendly 802.11g
> adapter would make a killing.

I googled a bit and found this stuff:

1) It is based on a ZyDAS chipset (zd1211, incredible uh!), and looking at
the logo I think those people are closely connected to ZyXEL.

2) The only info I found on this chipset is this:


which means that *if* this driver works, is sure better than fooling
around with windows wrappers.

3) I found only another occurrence of the driver on this page:


would be nice to know if Mr.Ironpanther here is the author of the driver
or is just "hosting" it for unknown reasons.


here are a couple of coordinates to get him and ask (I am waiting on ICQ).

Hope this helps a little.

Best Regards, Jack
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