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Re: USB wireless 802.11g dongle

On Dec 7, 2004, at 9:58 PM, Jack Malmostoso wrote:

Ciao Dean Takemori, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

Unfortunately it turns out that the driver will not compile
against the Yellowdog 4.0 (2.6.8-1.ydl.7) ppc kernel.  I'm
no expert but in addition to probable endian problems, the
main issue appears to be x86 assumptions and asm usage.

Firts of all, thank you for the info.

Since you made me curious, I downloaded the driver and tried to compiled
it against my 2.6.9 custom kernel.

Actually, it compiled quite fine (lots of warnings, but no errors), but
when I tried to modprobe it I had some unresolved symbols: now I don't
know if this could be because I have no dongle yet, or if it is not
working on its own.

Ooops.  My bad.  I was trying to compile the driver against
an unconfigured kernel source tree.  I fixed that and now am
probably seeing what you see.  Lots of warnings about unused
variables and implicit function declarations.

Trying to modprobe the module into the kernel gives

zd1211: Unknown symbol write
zd1211: Unknown symbol read
zd1211: Unknown symbol open
zd1211: Unknown symbol close

I've also tried to compile and load the driver on an Athlon-XP box
running FC 1 (2.4.22-1.2199.nptl) kernel.  Same compilation warnings
but the module loads cleanly.  (Whether or not it actually works
with the hardware is another issue)

Unfortunately, I'm not a kernel hacker, so I don't know how to
address the Unknown symbol errors for the 2.6.x PPC kernel.  But
maybe this is enough info for someone who is to help figure out
how to begin fixing the module source.

-dean takemori

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