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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

Philippe Guyot said:
> On Thursday 02 December 2004 12:27, Leigh Brown wrote:
>> Philippe Guyot said:
>> > On Thursday 02 December 2004 12:01, Leigh Brown wrote:
>> >> Indeed.  Could you just tell me if it booted from CD automatically?
>> [...]
>> >> I guess I can raise a bug for these once I've confirmed that autoboot
>> >> from CD is working for you.
>> >
>> > Good news: It boots automatically
>> Great!
>> > Bad news : At end,the install said there was not stuff for booting
>> > automatically from HD this hardware and that I have to boot
>> /boot/vmlinux
>> > on /dev/sda1 whith argument root=/dev/sda1.
>> Okay.  Did you create a PReP boot partition (type 0x41) during the
>> installation process, either manually, or with help from the installer?
>> > I  tried from OF boot disk;:/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/sda1  with no
>> success
>> > (return to prompt after accessing HD a little)
>> That's because OF doesn't understand ext2, ext3, and the like.
>> > May I have to boot yaboot from cd ?  and after ??? I should read
>> yaboot
>> > man page, don't I  ?
>> If you already have a PReP boot partition, as I mentioned above,
>> then you can boot the installer and drop into a shell to install
>> yaboot into it.  Otherwise, I'd repeat the installation, this time
>> making sure to create the PReP boot partition.  Also, make sure
>> yaboot is installed during the installation.  With luck, having the
>> correct boot partition and yaboot installed might trigger the installer
>> to do the right thing.  If not, drop back into a shell at the end of
>> the installer and manually setup and configure yaboot before rebooting.
>> Reading through the yaboot docs before this may make things easier.
> Well, do you mean that the CHRP box boots like a PReP machine ?
> And if so, why not dropping in the PReP partition the vmlinux patched
> whith preptools as I did for my 43P-140 ?

No.  CHRP and PReP share the same partition type to boot from, but
they boot different things.  CHRP machines boot ELF executables (like
yaboot or CHRP vmlinux images).  PReP machines boot PReP boot images.

So, you will write the yaboot executable (stamped with the correct
note section) to the PReP boot partition on a CHRP machine.



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