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Re: installing debian on IBM 43P-150 (CHRP)

On Thursday 02 December 2004 12:01, Leigh Brown wrote:
> Philippe Guyot said:
> > On Wednesday 01 December 2004 17:30, Leigh Brown wrote:
> [...]
> >> Then, you can burn that image to a CD, and see if it works any better.
> >
> > Everything done, and...
> > All's fine! I am now in the install process!
> >
> > Thanks a lot.
> >
> > May be useful to report to Debian ? I don't know how.
> Indeed.  Could you just tell me if it booted from CD automatically?

> There are a couple of issues here:
> 1. CD images must be built with the -U option to work on RS6K firmware.
> 2. yaboot needs to be stamped (via ybin) with the note section.
> 3. The /ppc/bootinfo.txt needs to be created to use autoboot.
> I guess I can raise a bug for these once I've confirmed that autoboot
> from CD is working for you.

Good news: It boots automatically

Bad news : At end,the install said there was not stuff for booting 
automatically from HD this hardware and that I have to boot /boot/vmlinux on 
/dev/sda1 whith argument root=/dev/sda1.

I  tried from OF boot disk;:/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/sda1  with no success 
(return to prompt after accessing HD a little)

May I have to boot yaboot from cd ?  and after ??? I should read yaboot man 
page, don't I  ?



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