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Re: Memory and hard disk testers

Mehul N. Sanghvi wrote:
Tommy Trussell wrote:

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 08:48:51 -0500, Mehul N. Sanghvi
<mnsanghvi@comcast.net> wrote:

I wanted to test the RAM and make
sure the memory is good.

There is a Debian package called sysutils that includes a memtest
utility but I have not tried it.

Thanks for the information on sysutils.  I'll try it out and let you

All right, so I tried it out, and nothing happens.  I did a test run
on my UltraSPARC 2 at the office where it worked just fine.

I ran it as:

   root# memtest all -l

after which I get a screenful of things where it says it can't
mlock the size of the memory.  I have 768 MB.  It then got down
to a size that it could mlock and proceeded to do so, but
nothing happened.  Everything just got frozen.  Any ideas
as to why that would happen (besides the fact that the memory could
be bad).



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