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Memory and hard disk testers


    I've got a G3 B&W with 768 MB of RAM in it, one 6 GB Maxtor
and a 13 GB IBM DeskStar.  The disks are both IDE.  On my old
PowerMac 7100, under MacOS 7.6.1 I used to have something that
tested the RAM and hard disk to see if things were working fine.
It also tested the L2 cache as well.  I can't remember the name
of the program(s) since its been years and years.

    Is there some sort of a command line program that does something
similar, under Linux ?  I seem to have problems, which appear to be
random, especially when using apt-get and aptitude, which give me
quiet a few segmentation faults.  I wanted to test the RAM and make
sure the memory is good.  The 13 GB IBM is just sitting around useless
because I seem to get data corruption, although from reading at
http://lowendmac.com/  it seems that the corruption might be due
to the fact that I have a Rev 1. B&W which has a bad IDE controller



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