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Re: Memory and hard disk testers

Tommy Trussell wrote:
On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 08:48:51 -0500, Mehul N. Sanghvi
<mnsanghvi@comcast.net> wrote:

I wanted to test the RAM and make
sure the memory is good.

There is a Debian package called sysutils that includes a memtest
utility but I have not tried it.

The 13 GB IBM is just sitting around useless
because I seem to get data corruption, although from reading at
http://lowendmac.com/  it seems that the corruption might be due
to the fact that I have a Rev 1. B&W which has a bad IDE controller

I, too, would like to know a way to evaluate my IDE controller --
I have a PowerMac 9600 with an IDE controller added and I can install
Debian just fine IF I use ext2 filesystems, but if I try to use ext3
it has a tendency to corrupt everything. I'm thinking it's probably
not ext3 per se, but probably the kernel is trying to use a higher DMA
mode or maybe the controller just cannot handle the throughput.

I resolved a similar problem on an old Compaq Pentium 200MMX system by
installing 80-wire IDE cables. On the PowerMac, this improved the
situation but did not completely resolve it.

Thanks for the information on sysutils.  I'll try it out and let you

You should check the http://lowendmac.com/ website.  They have a FAQ
and a database of drives that work, that has information on such things
though it does require some reading through :)



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