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Re: PowerBook G4 config for

> > The last time I had this problem the solution was an XFree package 
> > tweaked for NVidia.  Does such a package exist now?
> No need, officials testing/sid XFree packages work fine here (PB G4
> 1,33GHz).

Right, that's what I thought, which makes my problem all the more
mystifying.  It turns out it's not actually a crash -- if I'm ssh'd in
from another machine I do stay connected, so I've learned at least
that K01gdm is hanging.  But once the screen goes dead, there's no
recovering it, and since K01gdm never exits, the rest of the shutdown
scripts never get to run.

> BTW: You can suspend-to-disk the PB with swsusp patches, search archives.

I'd thought this was just for ATI and not nVidia but I see there are
two different threads going here.  That's nice.  I'd like to get this
console problem sorted out before I start mucking with that, because I
suspect the same problem will arise if I try suspend, and it will be
impossible to debug.


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