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Re: PowerBook G4 config for

On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 10:05:20AM -0500, Orion Montoya wrote:
> Except that I'm back to a problem similar to I had when I first got
> this Powerbook: when I try to shutdown (which I must do often since I
> can't sleep), once it logs out of Gnome the screen goes dead but the
> power stays on, and it doesn't shut down.  Yesterday from a Gnome
> session I tried alt-F1 to switch to the console and again the screen
> went dead: so the real problem is that I can't go back to the console,
No, the real problem is that you can't set new video modes due to a big
in rivafb. Use 2.6.9 + 
or 2.6.10-rc2.
 -- Guido

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