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Re: Test patch for sleep on Aluminium PowerBooks


* Keith Conger <keith.conger@gmail.com> [2004-11-18 21:05 +0100]:
> Hi,
>   I'm running Ubuntu on a Al15" with ATI9600 video, I applied this
> patch along with a inotify patch, both applied cleanly. I built the
> kernel and rebooted. All apears well except suspend to ram isn't
> working, shutting the lid seems to just dim the lcd. Attached is my
> pbbuttonsd.conf. Anyone have any ideas?

> onBattery_Tsleep    = 0		; time in 1/10s
> onBattery_Tdim      = 0		; time in 1/10s

i have "3000" and "600" here. "0" could mean "disable".

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