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Re: sleep on ibook G4...

On 05 Nov 2004 at 12h11, Domingo Fiesta Segura wrote:


> What graphics card does the "PowerBook6,3" iBook G4 have? I've got a
> "PowerBook6,5" iBook G4 but I don't remember the exact model (I'll check
> this evening when I get back home), just to make sure it can work in mine
> too :-)

Radeon 9200 mobility. (chip id 0x5C63, lspci shows it as "ATI Technologies Inc:
Unknown device 5c63").

> BTW, is there any chipset change in PMU99 since the iBook 2.2 (G3)? I'm
> only curious in the kind of incompatibility which makes newer iBook G4's
> not sleep with the older kernel code.

This is not due to the PMU but to the video card. the iBook G4s are marked as
can-not-sleep in arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_features.c to avoid crashing them by
trying to make them sleep (and not resume).


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