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Re: [OT] FAO list admin

On 18/10/2004 at 14:08 +0100, Adrian Lester wrote:

> I'm sorry, I was asking a one off _favour_.

Don't be sorry ;-)

> This was not a generic enquiry, rather related to one message. The way I 
> operate is by having email addresses @domain. One of those aliases is my 
> personal address which I do not use in places where it could be revealed 
> to spiders or sold on to lists. Another, this one, I use for mailing 
> lists etc. and the spam filters are applied to that (I care less about 
> the risks of filtering out genuine messages in that instance). At the 
> point when the incoming spam vastly outweighs other email I then close 
> the alias and create a new one, e.g. al1 becomes al2. My personal 
> address remains unaffected.

I used to do this formerly.  One day, spam and worms began to arrive at
my "main" address.

Then I installed spamassassin and clamav on my mail server (postfix) and
now I'm very happy and don't have to worry about those aliases anymore.

> Unfortunately I am used to usefully configured mailing lists set up for 
[ ... rant snipped ;-) ... ]

Well, AFAIK, debian lists are archived on usenet news servers, so
there's nothing the list admin can do to avoid the damage *you* did to
yourself :-)

Private mail is preferred encrypted:

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