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Re: [OT] FAO list admin

To actually get any replys, I *expect* you to send emails with a valid
sender address. So please, go, correctly configure your email system to
tar-pit the senders of SPAM and/or get a properly configured spam filter
into your local delivery.

I'm sorry, I was asking a one off _favour_.

This was not a generic enquiry, rather related to one message. The way I operate is by having email addresses @domain. One of those aliases is my personal address which I do not use in places where it could be revealed to spiders or sold on to lists. Another, this one, I use for mailing lists etc. and the spam filters are applied to that (I care less about the risks of filtering out genuine messages in that instance). At the point when the incoming spam vastly outweighs other email I then close the alias and create a new one, e.g. al1 becomes al2. My personal address remains unaffected.

Unfortunately I am used to usefully configured mailing lists set up for member only postings (and for that matter not making the lives of the spiderers easier than necessary by posting plain text email addresses in the archives) which would not have allowed me to make the error I did. However, the slip was entirely my fault as I sent one message from my personal account and, because of the list settings, it got through and became part of the archives. I was then foolish enough to hope that the list admin might be kind enough to discuss with me the possibility of manually removing that message from the archives or changing the sender address within to that which I should have used rather than my being sent a patronising tirade.


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