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Re: Time to switch? [from YDL to Debian.]

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 09:25, Thomas Carlson wrote:
> I have been using Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 on my old Powermac 9500 for 
> quite a while.  Except for problems with serial-port printing, I have 
> been happy with it.  Now, with the new 4.0 release, YDL has ceased to 
> "officially" support pre-G3 machines.  This says to me, "You're on your 
> own, Jack."   Is Debian now a better choice for those of us who are 
> still using BootX to dual-boot Linux on old world machines?
> I am using the kernel argument:  video=atyfb:vmode:13,cmode:32 
> successfully with YDL and have X up and running just fine.  Will that 
> work for Debian, as well?
> Any advice is welcome.
> Tom

That should work for DebianPPC if it's working on YellowDog right now.

Debian does not *officially* support the BootX method of booting,
because it's "not free" in that it requires MacOS, which is not GPL. 
All this means in practice is that you can't get the BootX distribution
from Debian -- you'll need to download it from some other website --
google is your friend!

In your case, you are already using BootX with YDL, so everything should
"just work".

I've successfully used BootX to install the current Debian/Sarge
distribution with both the 2.4.27 and 2.6.8 kernels on my "testing"
machines: a beige G3 minitower and a 6500/225 PowerMac.  It works just

For what it's worth, none of the other OldWorld PowerMac boot loaders
are any better.  The only one that is deemed "free" by the Debian folks
is "quik", and that has so many intrinsic problems that its developer is
considering orphaning it (ceasing all future development and
bug-fixing).  Personally, my advice is to stick with BootX.


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