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Re: [OT] FAO list admin

On Mon, 2004-10-18 10:42:18 +0100, Adrian Lester <al1@ajltech.co.uk>
wrote in message <41738FFA.4000003@ajltech.co.uk>:
> Some time ago I accidentally posted a message from my main email 
> account, this is now online in the archives and as a result that account 
> is receiving spam. In the hope of limiting the damage would it be 
> possible to remove the message from the archives or corrupt the address 
> therein? Who should I be talking to about this?

To actually get any replys, I *expect* you to send emails with a valid
sender address. So please, go, correctly configure your email system to
tar-pit the senders of SPAM and/or get a properly configured spam filter
into your local delivery.

...and what did you actually mean with "corrupt the address"?  Either it
works, or it doesn't. Those dirty tricks (adding __REMOVE_THIS__
somewhere or "user -at- some dot domain dot uk" don't work anymore, so
that's pointless. Putting a correctly incorrect address in place or
removing it alltogether only makes it harder to reply to you in a year
or two. Some people actually *read* archives to educate themselves and
sometimes like to ask those that initially posted...


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