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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 09:31:42PM +0200, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:
> > > What Debian packages? ;)
> > 
> > The debian kernel packages.
> There was/is no kernel packages! There's only a kernel and a root image:

Well, there should be.

> majorskan:/mnt/chroots/ppc-a1/image# find -type f
> ./boot/boot.cat
> ./boot/boot.img
> ./dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/amigaone/drivers.tgz
> ./dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/amigaone/images-1.44/rescue.bin
> ./dists/woody/main/disks-powerpc/current/amigaone/rescue.bin
> ./kernel/kernel.img
> ./kernel/modules.tgz
> This is it! NOTHING else have ever been produced! This is the full content of
> Ross' boot CD.

Well, you could have forwarded me a working patch, so ...

> That's why I'm here. To make this 'propperly' and officially. Create EVERYTHING
> that's ever going to be inside Debian GNU/Linux. This includes (but not limited
> to) debian installer support and kernel package(s).

Then please do the 2.6 port of the kernel.

> > You said you wanted to have it ready to move
> > upstream, meaning the upstream kernel trees, i guess. This will never happen
> > for 2.4 kernels now. And then there was amiga-fdisk.
> I'm only interessted in 2.4 (at this moment). That's what's bootable, I'll leave
> kernel hacking to those that feel urged to do this.
> I'll get working on 2.6 when/if I/we have everything else...


As said, 2.6 will be the default powerpc kernel for sarge and beyond, so ...


Sven Luther

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